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About Us

Who We Are

Bird's Silos and Shelters is a second generation company established in 1973 by Don and Jill Bird and son Wayne.
The Bird family originally conducted a mixed farming enterprise in the Cuballing area. In 1973 the family purchased a one man blacksmith–general engineer workshop in Popanyinning. The main line of work at that time was general repairs for the local farmers.
However, it wasn’t long before a client asked Don “ would it be possible to make” a cone base for his many flat based silos as at present to empty a silo approximately 1/3 of grain had to be shovelled out by hand, Don met the challenge and set about making his first cone base.
As there were many thousands of these silos around, it was not long before Bird’s were converting flat bottomed silos into safer better functioning relocateable silos.
Following the success of the adaptation of the silos our client wanted to feed sheep more effectively by trailing grain out on the ground rather than the present method being used of tipping from bags over the side of the farm utility. Hence the invention of the “Trailer Feeder”.
After a few years, a stronger round trailer feeder was designed and apart from different springs they are identical to the one we manufacture today, we feel this is a true indication of the “quality and value”. Our trailer feeders can be seen at clearing sales year after year where they bring new or better than new prices.
Always the innovators, Bird's then began to manufacture “new cone bottom silos and stock self feeders”. Bird's were the first manufacturers to invent ground opening and closing lids that seal in one action. Plus a very efficient fumigation system which can also be operated from the ground. These inovations satisfy most occupation health and safety concerns as everything can be operated from the ground. It is truly the first no climb silo on the market. Bird's were also the first to make circular feeders with trough protection from the weather. 
In 1988 Bird’s started manufacturing tunnel shelters and as time progressed they have improved the design to suit a wide range of industrial and recreational activities.
Bird's for inovative solutions to enhance farm safety and time tested quality products.

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What We Do

We offer 50 years’ experience in all your grain storage and feeder requirements.  We also have over 20 years of experience to assist with your shelter requirements for your specific project.  We can also assist with all steel supplies requirements to suit your needs.

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